Setup is unable to proceed due to the following error(s): This product requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5

I again bring to you another error that may occur during the deployment of SharePoint 2013. I was configuring a farm recently with SharePoint 2013 SP1 on a farm of Server 2012 R2 servers that had been updated to the latest available patches via the onsite Windows Update server.

Hung up on Hungarian naming

And other PowerShell no-nos in my book



Resize an Image in Windows 8/8.1 --- with PowerShell!

A couple of days ago I had an image that was too big for the context I wanted to use it in. I needed to shrink it down to about 50% of its size. Typically I have access to Windows Picture Manager but unfortunately it was removed from the Office 2013 suite.

Finding the Hyper-V VM Configuration File.

Today I found that in my haste to set up my Hyper-V virtual machines, I didn't properly account for the XML files it creates to use as configuration files for the VMs. I had haphazardly chosen random places accidentally, not realizing the full extent of what I was doing.